Barack Obama

President Obama looks like Jimmy Carter II.  Time is running out.  I wanted him to succeed, and the country would be much better off if he had.

He might get my vote, depending on how awful the Republican nominee is, but he will not get my time or money like he did in 2008.

His news conference July, 11, 2011 could have been presented by a Republican: cut taxes and spending, including Social Security and Medicare, the Gospel According to Grover Norquist, the Right Wing Hit Man in Chief.

Speaking of Grover Norquist, he said on April 26 that his goal is making it impossible for a Democrat to be elected President, or if one is, to make it impossible to govern as a Democrat.  Read a transcript of the July 11 press conference, and the statements leading up to it.  It has already happened, and Obama did it to himself.  Does he intend to run on platform of blame shifting and excuses, and trying to scare people out of voting Republican?

In the third quarter of the year before the election, unemployment rose to 9.2 percent.  It went up in June, too.  Presidents running for re-election when the economy is this bad at this point usually lose.  Last month, Obama said the bump in unemployment was an anomaly.  Nobody will believe that this month.

The Wall Street people who ruined the economy are still collecting huge bonuses, and the rules up there have not changed enough to matter.

He lost the health care debate when he called it health care reform, instead of health insurance reform.  Poll after poll said most people liked their health care but hated their health insurance.  Then, he waited too long for a Republican to support his program, realizing too late that the opposition would do anything to protect corporations and deny Obama a victory.  He should have known better.

Then, with 60 votes in the Senate, he let Democrats blackmail him, threatening to withhold the 60th vote.  No President can afford to be humiliated like that. The victory diminished him. Nobody even knows what he passed.

Today’s debate over the debt ceiling is worse.  He does not have the power to act, only react, and try to shift blame.  He and the GOP are playing chicken with the world economy.

The only way Obama can win now (unless things change) is if the Republicans nominate a candidate who scares people.  They might. Carter tried to scare people out of voting for Ronald Reagan.  It was his only issue late in the 1980 campaign. Reagan won in a landslide by not looking scary in a TV debate.

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