by Christina Enevoldsen

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Christina Enevoldsen

Her website combines nurturing support with practical discussions of real issues that come up often in the lives of sexual abuse survivors.

Article summary

Christina Enevoldsen was sexually abused forcibly by her uncle when she was 18 months old.  Then her father and others abused her through childhood.  She learned that resistance was dangerous and futile, and she separated herself from her feelings.  Many children react that way to sexual abuse.

It makes sense as a child’s way of surviving a rape, but if that feeling of being a helpless victim with no control over what happens to continues into adulthood, as it often does, it can do a lot of damage.  In Christina’s case, the damage continued into a second generation.

When Chrisitina was 16, her boyfriend confessed that he had sexually abused children.  Assuming he’d outgrown it, she kept his secret, married him, and they had a daughter.   At first, she overlooked obvious evidence that her husband was sexually abusing their daughter.

In this article, Christina reveals the whole process behind what her abuse did to her, how it lead to her many bad decisions, how she denied, then minimized, what was happening to her daughter, and finally, how she and her daughter began working together on their recoveries.

Today, they publish an interactive website,

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