Ken Braiterman

Ken Braiterman

  • Writer and editor since 1968, on a wide variety of topics.
  • Op-ed writer, Concord (NH) Monitor
  • Certified advanced Wellness and Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) facilitator.
  • Consultant, writer, and speaker, Copeland Center for Wellness and Recovery
  • Writer for peer reviewed professional journals and other recovery websites.
  • Inspirational recovery speaker for consumers, families, students, mental health professionals,
  • Conference presenter for state and county mental health authorities, policy makers, police officers, court clerks and security officers.
  • Consultant National Alliance on Mental Illness, New Hampshire, NH Hospital, NH Police Standards and Training Academy
  • Led a successful grassroots Legislative lobbying effort against a 55% cut in consumer-run peer support services.
  • Brought together a coalition that changed the state guardianship law to provide more legal protection for parents with mental illness.

I’m available for presentations, all tailored to the needs of the group that invites me.

Ken Braiterman,  Kenbrait at,  six zero three 856-7432

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  • Steve Franse says:

    Dear Ken,
    Enjoyed your latest letter in the Obie mag. They never promoted me to conductor,either.
    It has been many years since the “great fagot-marano rip-off”
    Many fond memories!
    Best always,

    Steve Franse, Calgary

    • Ken!Brait1 says:

      I used to do a riff on faggots and Marranoes. Everybody in the world is one or the other. Faggots define themselves primarily by their sexuality; Marranoes, by their heritage. Marrano was the name given to Jews who practiced their religion secretly during the Spanish Inquisition.

  • ken wilson says:

    Two of my favorites on the same page. Steve, I found the guy who was Dave Wilkerson’s roommate freshman year, Tommy Thomas. Here’s his link Ken, you may enjoy his work, too. He went from being a physics major to WOBC and then became a Radio/TV professional.

    Ken, I met some fellow campers from Baltimore at the Oberlin reunion. I can’t remember her name, but she was Marta’s friend from like 3rd grade. She even dated you at one point. She and her husband live in Anapolis.

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