Teen-Ager Takes Pregnancy Test

Pro-Lifers Don’t Care About Born Babies

Ever notice how right-to-life groups are so concerned about children before they are born but not after? Where are their free pre- and postnatal clinics, and why don’t they advocate for a decent standard of living for single parents with children under 3?

Doctors are so concerned about malpractice insurance rates, but not about malpractice, or innocent victims who are crippled or dead. If they really wanted lower rates, they’d keep frequently negligent doctors from practicing.

And ever notice how little concern pro-choice zealots show for mothers who choose to have their babies? Where is NARAL’s adoption program? They’re out calling Hillary Clinton a turncoat because she’s started advocating for one.

These groups want no responsibility for the human consequences of their ideas. Why don’t the media ask them these questions?

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  • Macdoodle says:

    Planned Parenthood has helped many a poor mom get prenatal care and post natal care . They believe in personal religious choices and respect them. While Corporate Tea only wants to make a stand for excessive breeding and may only the strongest and wealthiest fundamentalists survive.

    Guess who I choose.

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