John E. Sununu

I am so proud of Sen. John Sununu. R-NH.  for putting a hold on extending the USA PATRIOT Act.

Many Republicans are disturbed by the lawless abuses of power in the Bush administration, but Sununu is the only prominent one saying it publicly.

This must come from a genuine conviction in Sununu’s conscience because there is no possible political gain in it. The national Republican machine can cut him off at the knees when he runs for re-election next year.

People who support this action are unlikely to vote Republican no matter what.

It really is as bad as Sununu says it is,  but it’s hard for most people to connect the dots as he has. Until you lose it, liberty is an abstraction. In the heat of a crisis, like 9/11, you choose safety over liberty, and assume that only bad people will lose their liberty.

Years later, you learn about torture of enemy fighters and Iraqis, who were just swept up at random, doing nothing wrong. You learn about discrimination against American Muslims. Next, you learn about wholesale invasions of privacy of Americans, where law enforcement simply broke the law.

Now, we hear that the administration has attempted to politicize some of the most powerful individuals in government, federal prosecutors.  U.S. attorneys have so much discretion over what and whom to investigate that they must have a blind eye to everything except the law and the facts, backed up by absolute personal integrity.

Then, in a secret e-mail, somebody in Washington says: Let’s get rid of federal prosecutors who are investigating our guys, or are not prosecuting their guys in time to damage them for the next election. Or who are not following out instructions to prosecute minority groups for voter fraud when there is no evidence that a crime ever occurred.

Thank you, Sen. Sununu, for having the courage to risk your high office to protect our freedom.

John E. Sununu lost his re-election bid in 2008, when NH Democrats won their biggest victory since the 1840′s — the EIGHTEEEN forties.

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