Corinna West as the Chocolate Fairy

by Corinna West

Editor’s note  The Chocolate Fairy only gives out chocolate that is at least 60 percent cocoa.  It lifts the mood and energy,  and dampens the craving for sugar, which is an addictive drug.  Giving out chocolate that is less than 60 percent cocoa merely gives more sugar to people who already eat too much of it.

Some of the lady urban cyclists in Kansas City started a girls ride so that we could get out without all the men. Some of my friends worked at the 816 Bike Collective on Thursday nights, so we started at 10:00 pm so that they could still participate in the ride. We met at the Eagle Scout fountain because we appreciated the irony of a girls ride starting at a Boy Scout memorial.

Some of the ladies on the ride found a dumpster behind a local chcolatier that had free chocolate in it, often two or three pounds of really good chocolate. Each week on Thursdays we would ride down to the chocolatier and rescue the chocolate from its certain demise. We were saviors of so much chocolate that we didn’t know what to do with it. We gave it to our friends, we grew fond of the different types of chocolate, and we looked forward to each Thursday ride. I even made mole, Mexican chocolate covered chicken, and brownies out of the chocolate. I put some of the chocolate raspberry filling into homemade pecan wheat bread, and it was one of my best batches of homemade bread.


Corinna West

Then one day we rode to the Chocolate Dumpster and there was a lock on it. The Thursday rides to the Chocolate Dumpster were no more, so we had to ride to places like North Kansas City or the West Bottoms or the Missouri Conversation Discovery Center on Troost.

About a month later at Thanksgiving I was riding my bicycle home from Memphis and on our first long day, during the 114 miles from Memphis to Walnut Ridge, AR, I devised a plan. I thought of it all that long day as I looked forward to meeting Bob, our host from a touring cyclist site, who was going to feed us big bowls of chili that night. If there was a Chocolate Fairy that helped people that were in need of chocolate, then maybe the chocolatier would give us the chocolate that was now meeting a fate similar to death. The Chocolate Fairy would then be able to rescue the chocolate from the Chocolate Dumpster before it even ended up in the Chocolate Dumpster. There is no poem sadder than chocolate going unused by People In Need Of Chocolate.

The Chocolate Fairy project was created and launched several months later, and now ten people have volunteered to be Chocolate Fairy ambassadors. However, the chocolatier was contacted and said that the reason the lock was put on the dumpster was that there was trash being dumped into the Chocolate Dumpster and filling it up. The chocolatier told The Chocolate Fairy that he didn’t have any excess chocolate that was in need of rescuing even though the Chocolate Fairy and her friends from the ladies ride fondly remember it.

But now The Chocolate Fairy project has grown beyond that one chocolatier and many sources of chocolate are available that would suit this project. This sources will be contacted once salary support has been found for the Chocolate Fairy to launch beyond the pilot phase of The Chocolate Fairy project.

And this summer the urban cyclists ladies ride is starting back up, meeting every Thursday at 6:30 pm at El Torreon on 31st and Gilham.

This is a video from one of the first public discussions of The Chocolate Fairy.

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