Tom Cruise

So Tom Cruise apologized to Brooke Shields for trashing her on The Today Show. She took medicine for a serious illness, and then spoke up about it to help the many other women who think the illness is their fault and don’t get help. Cruise, who probably never had postpartem depression himself, told Shields to treat the illness with exercise and vitamins, not medication.

Any fool can tell just by looking at Brooke Shields that she does not get enough exercise or eat the right foods.

Cruise was right to apologize.  But Shields was not the only victim of this outburst.

Someone might have taken what Cruise said as permission to stop taking medicine abruptly. My best friend stopped his medicine while studying Scientology, and took his own life. How would a Cruise apology help him?

Brooke Shields

And the apology comes a week after Cruise’s studio dropped his contract. Now he’ll have to raise money himself to make his movies. I wonder if he decided it would be good business to become less controversial and stop alienating millions of potential movie-goers. Even if that were true, it would not diminish the sincerity or courage of the public apology.

I like it when doing the right thing is also good business: If powerful Hollywood types are learning that stigmatizing people with mental illness is bad business, they’ll change their behavior faster than we could just by telling them facts and begging them to do the right thing.

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